Frequently Asked Questions


What is Kindermusik? - Kindermusik is a research based music and movement curriculum designed to provide opportunities for total child development.
What do you do in a Kindermusik class? Each class includes singing, instrument play, dancing, moving, rhymes, fingerplays, stories, and more.  Each class is developmentally appropriate so the activities change with each age range.
How do I know which class is best for my child? - All of our classes are listed by age range. If you have special considerations which would put your child in an alternate age range please get in touch with us.
I have a newborn.  Is Kindermusik right for me? Whether your child is 5 weeks or 5 months our uniquely designed curriculum Cuddle & Bounce is just right for your baby. Each class will provide you opportunities to notice and understand your child's development and will send you home with ideas that you can continue throughout the week.
How many classes are in a session of Kindermusik? We offer classes for the complete school year from mid September through the end of May.  If you enroll in Mid September you will be guaranteed 32 classes with your enrollment, however you can join us at any time and we will prorate your tuition.
When can I start? With our unique subscription model, you can join us at any time as long as there is space in the class of your choice.  
What if I miss a class?  We offer unlimited make up classes as long as your enrollment is active.  We do ask that you call or email to schedule make up classes.
Do you have a calendar of days there will not be class? Yes you can view that information here
Are there any discounts available?  Complete information on policies and payment plans/discounts visit here.
Do you have a list of policies? You can view a complete list here
Do I stay with my child or is this a drop off program? - For Foundations, Level 1, Level 2, and any Mixed Age class parents or caregivers are expected to stay and participate with their child during the entire class.  For Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5 Kindermusik for the Young Child the children spend most of their class without parent/caregiver.  There will be a sharing time at the end of class of 5-10 minutes which parents are expected to attend. (please ask your educator for the precise time)
If my child is in a drop off class can I run errands while they're in class? -  If your child is likely to need help using the bathroom we ask that you stay close.  You can always take them before leaving.  Make sure you are back for sharing time.
Do you offer individual instrumental lessons like piano? - We do not offer instrumental lessons. Here at Kindermusik we believe the best for children under 7, based on their fine motor development, coordination, and reading ability, is Kindermusik for the Young Child.  In Young Child children 5-7 will learn to read rhythm and melody, begin to understand many musical concepts, and learn to play 3 different styles of instruments (glockenspiel (year 1), dulcimer and recorder year 2)) as well as how to best use their very own instrument: their voice.  All this teaching happens in a movement focused environment designed just for young children. 
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