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Saying no and being heard; Setting limits


Saying no and being heard; Setting limits without guilt

Have you ever given in to your child just to get them to stop whining or crying; maybe overreacted to your child’s misbehavior, or bribed, coerced or manipulated your child into cooperating?  Do some of your discipline encounters leave you filled with regret?  When we manage our guilt by fighting or giving in to our children we end up teaching our child the same behaviors we are trying to avoid. As parents we cannot be passive in our discipline style and expect our children to behave. We also cannot be aggressive, seek to blame or over power, and hope that our children will develop healthy self-control, self-discipline, and self-esteem. We must learn to be assertive and empower our children to cooperate.

Would you like to know what to say and do instead of bribe, threaten, or coerce to help your child more likely work with you?  There is another way. This workshop will help parents take their power back and begin managing their children rather than their guilt. As a participant you will:

  • ·         Discover your primary voice (passive, aggressive, or assertive)
  • ·         Learn to find and use your assertive voice
  • ·         Learn to be firm and fair without fear or guilt
  • ·         Learn how to increase your child’s motivation to cooperate
  • ·         Practice a step by step process to setting limits, offering choices, and responding to the child who is in an uncooperative state.
  • ·         Learn how acceptance helps a child accept “No” and “Not Now”.

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