Pathways to Learning; Building Joyful Connections Between Children and the Adults they Love.


Offering Kindermusik classes with  Licensed Kindermusik Educators Alissa Wyatt and Beth Anspach and Discipline Connections Workshops with Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor, Beth Anspach.

Our Kindermusik classes are carefully crafted to support each child's development through the joyful introduction of music and movement to children newborn – 7 years and their families. In our Kindermusik classes you will connect with your child through the musical activities as you watch her explore instruments, dance, move, and sing!  Peek into your child's miraculous mind and body and support her as her natural gifts and development unfold. Delight with your child as she makes connections with other children, developing friendships that will last a lifetime.  You can also find connection with other mom's and dad's in your child's age group. Come and join us for Kindermusik where music and learning play.

Discipline Connections workshops are adapted from the Conscious Discipline® program and are designed for parents and teachers who are facing the overwhelming challenges of disciplining children today. These workshops are unique because it defines discipline not as something you do to children but rather something you develop within them. It teaches new skills to the adult first and the child second, empowering Adults to become the mindful parents and teachers they want to be.

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